It’s judgement day!


Today was my three week weigh in on my 90 Day Challenge with ViSalus.  (cue scary music) Even though I know I’ve been doing well, eating healthier, attending Fitcamp twice a week, it still always makes me a little nervous to step on that scale.  The dreaded, evil, potential-to-bring-me-to-tears scale.

Why oh why do I let the scale have such power over me? If I don’t weigh myself everyday I start getting twitchy.  I just NEED to know what the all powerful scale says.  But the scale is a tricky thing! If you lose fat and gain more muscle then sometimes the scale goes up! Doesn’t mean you’re not working hard or that you aren’t still moving towards your goals. In fact, it can be a great thing because if you have more muscle you’re going to burn more fat.  Even knowing this, if the scale goes up then my heart sinks and kind of makes me feel like crying.  So I’ve decided once a week, that’s it, that’s all I need to weigh myself.  I should really just remove the scale from the bathroom and just take out all temptation.

Instead of focusing on the scale I’ve been trying to judge my progress in other ways.  And I have definitely been noticing results.  My former “skinny pants” are now loose on me. (Hoorah! Excuse to go shopping!) And when I put on my jeans the other day I literally had to stop and stare at myself in the mirror.  I think it finally hit me how much my shape has changed since I started this challenge.

I’ve made it a goal to look at myself in the mirror every day and pick out at least 2 things that I love about my body.  This is an extremely hard exercise to do.  Especially for someone like me who’s had body issues her whole life.  I always tend to focus on the “bad” areas and never see the rest.  I’m sure men probably don’t understand this the same, but as women I don’t think it matters what size we are there is always SOMETHING that we don’t like about our bodies.  But instead of focusing on what we don’t like we really need to start focusing on the things we do like about ourselves.  Doing this daily affirmation, although it may seem slightly hokey, has seriously helped with my self image.

I’m no longer thinking about how far I need to go.  Instead I get really excited about how far I’ve come.  How I’m starting to get some definition in my biceps. How my little muffin top is disappearing from the top of my pants. How at Fitcamp I was able to double the amount of situps I could do from last month.  How much more energy I have.  This Challenge isn’t about hating the body I’m in, it’s about realizing the potential I have and pushing my self imposed limits.

So you want to know the results so far? Well here goes! Since Oct 14 I am down 5 lbs and 6 inches! I’m so excited!! And although 5 lbs may not seem like a lot to you, this is HUGE for me.  I have been losing and gaining the same 10 lbs for the last year and I have now finally broken that plateau weight!  I am going jean shopping this weekend and I’m pretty sure I will be in a smallest size I’ve been in since before Ayla was born.

I have never in my life been on a nutrition/exercise plan that was so easy and so fun with such great results.  But I think one of the greatest reasons for my success so far is that I have friends joining me on the journey.  Not only do I have accountability and support right here but I also have friends who’ve started their own 90 Day Challenge.   We don’t necessarily have the same goals, but we push each other to stick with the goals that we do have.  Find an accountability partner and just get started.  Because really, what have you got to lose?


About Leesa D

Wife and mom of two crazy little monkeys. Trying to take on life's everyday challenges with love, laughter and a lot of impromptu dance parties!
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