Competing with myself

Every month on the first FitCamp class of the month we do fitness assessments.  It’s a way for us to track our progress and see the improvements in our fitness level.  I’ve realized over the last few months how important this tracking really is.  When you are doing something on a regular basis it’s hard to notice the subtle changes, but they are there! Sometimes we don’t want to track our start point because we are afraid of what the numbers will say.  Whether it’s the number on the scale, on the tape measure, or the amount of pushups we can do.  Those numbers can be scary! But if you don’t know where you started you’ll never realize how far you’ve come.

I also love the idea of fitness assessments because it’s a way to remember that this isn’t about what everyone else around you is doing.  This is about improving YOU.  When we start looking at everyone else we can get discouraged pretty easily. I don’t run as fast as most of the people in my class, I tend to lose my balance when doing lunges (which is actually quite amusing and makes me laugh often),  and my squat jumps…well let’s not even go there.  When you are doing a group class it is so easy to focus on what you can’t do compared to others instead of focusing on what you CAN do, and how much more you can do now then you could before.  So for me, the assessment is all about focusing on progress and really pushing myself to see how much more  I can do this month compared to last.

I’ve been doing FitCamp since September, but I have to say, I have noticed the most significant progress since I started on my 90 Day Challenge   just over a month ago.  I’ve been fueling my body with all the good stuff it needs and leaving out the junk (well…most of the time :)) and it’s definitely paying off!

When I started in September this was my result of my first fitness assessment:

  • Pushups – 27 (modified)
  • Situps – 19
  • Plank – 1:08
  • Burpees (as many as you can in 1 minute) – 10 ( and really…calling what I did burpees is pretty generous)

In October (just before I started the (90 Day Challenge)

  • Pushups – 30
  • Situps – 20
  • Plank – 1:32
  • Burpees – 12 (Again, this was a pretty generous number.  Not sure if any of these would have really qualified as a real burpee)

Today my results were:

  • Pushups – 35 (modified)
  • Situps – 60
  • Plank – 2:14
  • Burpees – 15 (legitimate, awesome burpees!! :))

Now, I’m not posting these results because I think that these are some kind of superstar results.  I’m not even close to the “high numbers” from some of the rest of the class. No, I’m posting this because I’m proud of MY progress.  And I think we should all be proud when we take a step in the right direction and notice our results whether big or small.  Remember, you’re not competing with others, you are competing with yourself!  Celebrate your accomplishments! And use those results to keep pushing yourself even further.

No matter what you are doing for fitness/nutrition right now, I challenge you to write down where you are at on that journey TODAY! Take your  measurements, take “before” pictures (not always easy to look at but important!), do your own fitness assessment and start tracking your progress.  Whether you track in an excel spreadsheet (my engineer husband would be doing that one), a scrap piece of paper or an app like Runkeeper, the important thing is that you just write it down. Because one day when you are getting down on yourself, getting discouraged or just feeling like you are going to quit, you will have something to look at that shows you just how far you’ve come.  And when you see how far you’ve come it’s only going to encourage you to see how much farther you can go.  As for me…baby, you ain’t seen nothing yet!


About Leesa D

Wife and mom of two crazy little monkeys. Trying to take on life's everyday challenges with love, laughter and a lot of impromptu dance parties!
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