Dealing With Post Holiday Hangover

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Well this week it was time to get back at ‘er.  I didn’t expect it to be this hard.  But really, I had 10 days off where the majority of my days were spent sleeping in, eating, lazing, eating, drinking, then eating some more and then finally going to bed after midnight.  I did throw in exercise a few times but it definitely wasn’t the disciplined holiday that I had high hopes of having.

This was going to be the year that I didn’t overindulge in copious amounts of sugary holiday treats or eat three turkey dinners where at each meal I ate so much stuffing that I could be mistaken for the turkey myself. It was also going to be the year where I stayed active through the whole holiday season.  No sitting around being lazy for THIS chick.

Well…I guess perhaps I set my goals too high. BUT I’m still not going to consider it a failure because although I wasn’t as disciplined as I imagined I would be, it was still a huge improvement on years past.  I ate two turkey dinners and did not stuff myself at either one of those dinners.  In fact, one was the healthiest turkey dinner I’ve ever had.  My sis in law made some great alternatives including a wild rice stuffing and instead of marshmallow topped sweet potatoes she cubed them and let us enjoy their natural sweetness. I ate considerably less holiday treats then normal, although I still did consume a fairly large portion of Lindt chocolate and holiday m&ms.  (Mmmmmm pretzel m&ms….) I also didn’t stick as well to my running schedule as I would have liked. But did still manage to get in 4 runs over the 10 days.

Did I get out and do all the stuff I wanted to do over Christmas? No, but sometimes doing things is highly overrated :).  How often do I get to sit around and lounge in my pjs with my family for days on end? (Hmmm as I type this I am actually sitting in my pjs at 3:30pm)  Was it everything I set out for it to be? No.  Was it still a success? Absolutely.  I had a wonderful time spent with family and friends.  We laughed, we played games, we got spoiled rotten and I also drank a fair amount of wine.  Can’t complain about that!

But now…back to the real world and I think I have a serious case of post holiday hangover. (And no, I’m not talking about from all the booze)  I started Fitcamp on Tuesday and although it was an “easy” workout I could barely walk by the next Fitcamp on Thursday. *ouch*  I also think my children and I are having an especially difficult time getting used to the whole going to bed early/waking up early thing.  Midnight just doesn’t cut it when you are up at 4:40am for Fitcamp.  I also realized how much I miss having my hubby at home. I think I’ve forgotten how to deal with the morning ritual, temper tantrums, nap times, cleaning, cooking, classes, errands and the rest of my motherly duties without the help of Super Dad.

The good news? Today is Friday! Which means Heroic Hubby is back and I have two days where I can catch my breath, regroup and get ready for the full on schedule to start next week. No more slacking for this chick! New Years Resolutions are getting kicked into high gear. Healthy eating is back on track.  Running is back on schedule.  Goals are set.  Let’s do this!

Do you feel guilty indulging over the holidays? How did you feel going back to your  schedule post holidays?


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Wife and mom of two crazy little monkeys. Trying to take on life's everyday challenges with love, laughter and a lot of impromptu dance parties!
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