Hair Today…Gone Tomorrow

In getting ready for vacations there’s always so much last minute primping that needs to be done. Haircut, hair color, mani/pedi, eyebrow wax…I tend to be extremely cheap when it comes to this sort of thing and always try to do as much as possible myself. I did actually get my diploma in esthetics (about 10 years ago) but never actually worked in the field. But still, I consider myself qualified enough to do my own waxing and mani/pedi on occasion. I’d rather spend my money on a nicer bikini and vacation clothes.

When getting my esthetics diploma I had one client come in who was slightly nervous about getting her brows done as one time someone waxed them right off. So being the new student in the field, I was a little terrified of going near this woman’s now grown in brows for fear that I would subject her to the same fate. Well, I’m happy to say she made it through with brows in tact, but I have never forgotten her story.

On Wednesday, in prep for my vacay it was time for me to do my eyebrow wax. As I had the wax on I once again thought of this woman, kind of laughed and thought “that would be funny if I ripped off my brow. You can always pencil it in though so no big deal” I then ripped off the wax strip, looked in the mirror…looked again at the wax strip…again in the mirror and realized, huh…pretty sure that eyebrow should be on my brow, not in my hand. I let out a laugh still kind of in shock that I had just ripped off my eyebrow and started to giggle, this giggle turned into a half laugh/half cry, which soon turned into sob and then a hysterical phone call to my hubby. Poor hubby. The phone call went something like this:

*blubbery crying* “I just ripped off my eyebrow!”

“I’m sure it’s not that bad”

“I just *sob* ripped off my #%£*+#£¥ eyebrow! I have one #@&$&@$ eyebrow!!! *sob sob* I just ruined our vacation…”

“I can’t understand you, I’m sure it’s not that bad.”

“I look hideous!!! I dont want to go anymore.” *sob sniffle sob sob*

“Can’t you just pencil it in?”

“It will come off in the water! I ruined everything. I’m so stupid…”*sob sniffle*

“You’ll be fine”

*hysterical crying* “bye”

Yup, my life was over. Cancel my vacation!! This one eyebrowed monster was going to sit at home until the brow grew back. I frantically texted my bestie about my horrid mistake. And as soon as I hit send I realized how ridiculous I was being. I mean really, it’s an eyebrow. I’m not dying. The world isn’t ending so lets not make this situation the end of my world.

In every situation we always have a choice. Am I going to choose to make this a crisis or choose to make this a funny story? Yup, funny story wins!

I then googled some eyebrow fixes had a good laugh and took a pic for my bestie so she could laugh with me. After visiting the lovely ladies at Sephora we came up with a few good solutions:

1) Act surprised if anyone says anything while on vacation and try to start a new trend. “What? This is how we do eyebrows in Canada. It’s soooo trendy right now.”

2) Since I won’t know anyone there and will never see them again, just don’t even worry about it at all and then photoshop all pictures later.

3) Use a waterproof eyebrow makeup to draw on the brow which will then last while swimming.

Although I decided to go with #3 we had quite a few laughs with the others.

As I’m sitting in the middle of the makeup station at Sephora with my own version of a unibrow I realized that this was a great lesson for me. It was a lesson in perhaps not being so vain. Looks aren’t everything and I can’t let a bad hair day or even one eyebrow control my mood. 🙂 And also it was another great lesson in perspective. Recently I read of a couple’s life motto:

Are we going to make this an ordeal or an adventure?

I love that. And no matter what situation you are in, choose to make it an adventure. Life is short. Don’t waste it making every turn into an ordeal.

Whether I have two eyebrows, one eyebrow or no eyebrows at all, I’m off to have a great vacation! 🙂


About Leesa D

Wife and mom of two crazy little monkeys. Trying to take on life's everyday challenges with love, laughter and a lot of impromptu dance parties!
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