Sun Kissed and Feeling Bliss

I’m back from a week in paradise! The blazing sun defrosted this Canadian girl pretty darn quick! The beautiful clear waters and the white sand between my toes made for instant refreshment and relaxation.  The Margaritas and Mojitos were free flowing and made for many laughs during the Aquagym and dance classes.  The romantic atmosphere made me feel like a newlywed all over again.  So much so that we were actually asked a few times if we were newlyweds.  Ah yes, that is the good life!

Since we were leaving the kids with Grandma and Grandpa my husband and I opted for an adults only resort.  We decided on the Catalonia Royal Tulum based on the great reviews and we were definitely not disappointed.  It was a smaller resort but we definitely weren’t lacking anything! And the food…in the words of Backpack “yum yum yum delicioso!”  Yes, I learned all my Spanish from Dora.

So with all the great food I was a little worried about not fitting into my clothes by the end of the week. Buffets, snack bars, tequila, a la carte restaurants with amazing desserts (the cannoli was freaking fantastic!!), yes I was headed on a very dangerous path.

I tried to counter the eating with the mindset that I would exercise throughout the vacation.  I started off the week strong by hitting the gym on Monday morning.  I was determined to complete Week 11 Session 1 of my running program which is 40 min running, 1 min walking, 20 min running.  I quickly learned that the “air conditioned gym” in the Mayan does not feel quite so air conditioned.  By the time the first 40 minutes were done I was dripping from head to toe and feeling slightly light headed.  I decided that 40 minutes while on vacation was good enough! My hubby and I tried some weights the next day and then after that we decided to replace our morning gym time with arm exercises by the pool. *Lift Mojito to mouth, set Mojito down and repeat.*  Yes, my biceps were burning by the end of the day! 😉

We also had the opportunity to go on a fantastic tour while down there.  I wanted to do something more adventurous and less of a laid back or relaxing experience since I knew we could relax all we wanted at the resort.  We booked with Edventure Tours and absolutely loved it!  We started off at the Tulum ruins first thing in the morning before all the other tourists arrived.  There were maybe 10 other people at the Ruins with us.  Just as we were leaving hundreds of people started swarming the Ruins and made for a very crowded area.  It was insane! So glad we were leaving and not just arriving!

Next, we started the adventure portion of the tour.  Edventure tours just opened a new park with 9 zip-lines, rock climbing, rappelling and two gorgeous cenotes to swim in.  This was an absolute blast and even better as my hubby and I had the whole park to ourselves!!  The zip-lines were so much fun! It also required me to tackle a few of my fears.  Looking over the edge of a cliff already sends me into a bit of a panic so tell a girl to jump off said cliff and the heart starts beating pretty fast and the nervous giggles start kicking in.  At one of the ziplines he told us to jump off the edge backwards.  Free falling already freaks me out, free falling without being able to see what I’m doing is about 100 times worse.  Although it took me about 5 minutes to actually do it I’m happy to say that I did the backwards jump and giggled the whole way down the zip-line.

I was also very excited to try the climbing wall as this was something I have always wanted to do but have never been able to.  I remember once when I was younger I tried a climbing wall at summer camp and couldn’t even lift myself up to the first footholds.  But this time I managed to make it all the way to the top! Very exciting.  From there we were able to rappel down the other side which was also another thing I’ve always wanted to do. Again, I guess I didn’t really realize how scary it would be for me since I’m lowering myself backwards over the edge of this stone wall.  I really had to give myself the pep talk to get started, but I did it! And I think I did pretty well for my first time! Once again, nervous/happy giggling the whole way down.

Next we went to swim in the cenotes.  The first one was a half covered cave with refreshing waters. We did a small cliff jump to get into the waters and swam around checking out the cool stalactite and stalagmite formations.   We then went to the next cenote and…wow…breathtaking! It looked like we were on a movie set.  One of the coolest experiences ever.  I am still in awe at the beauty of it.

After a quick lunch we headed out to Akumel to swim with the sea turtles.  We managed to see four turtles and were able to observe them for quite awhile.  I was very excited to come home and tell Ayla we saw Crush from Finding Nemo. 🙂 After the sea turtles we went to snorkel in a lagoon which again was a great experience.  Tons of fish, clear waters, and cool formations to swim around. Our tour guide Fonzie was fantastic throughout the whole tour as well.  Such a sweetheart.  He made us feel very comfortable and had lots of interesting facts to share. I would definitely recommend Edventure Tours to anyone visiting the Mayan! Needless to say we were exhausted by the time we got back to the resort after that full and amazing day! That counts as a few workouts right? 🙂

After our tour, Peter and I spent most of our days soaking in the sun, reading by the pool, playing in the ocean and of course sampling all the drinks on the menu.  I couldn’t have asked for a better vacation.  Although it may not have been the best place to go in terms of health (or perhaps just my waistline), it definitely topped the list for happiness with tons of humour thrown in as well. And that, my friends, was exactly what I needed!

What is your favorite vacation destination?


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