Count Your Blessings

This morning I had Fitcamp.  As you may know from my last post Pride is Out, Gratitude is in, I haven’t been able to do the running portions or a lot of the lower body work during this class.  On the way to Fitcamp this morning I started thinking again how you really don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.  So I had a little conversation with God and thanked him for all the blessings that I do have in my life.  I also acknowledged how little I appreciated the fact that I was able to run before I hurt myself and knew that this experience would make me appreciate it all the more.

I think sometimes God does need to take things away from us in order for us to appreciate them all the more when they are returned.  Sometimes we never get them back but maybe it just makes us more grateful for the rest of our blessings in life.  I realize that in comparison to many people’s big eye opening experiences in life, having a minor hip flexor injury is really no big deal.  There are WAY bigger things going on in this world.  In fact, there are bigger things going on even in my own life.  But I think sometimes God whispers, and sometimes He whacks you over the head.  He may have whispered this time, but He got my attention. By taking that little thing away from me, I’ve taken notice of a lot more of the bigger areas in my life.

So back to the beginning.  This morning I had Fitcamp.  During the running portions I decided to give it a try. Well, I actually ran. I didn’t have pain.  I was freaking ecstatic! On the way home I was so excited and just feeling completely blessed that I almost started to cry. When I came home and told my husband that I completed all running portions, I completely teared up again.  I may not be out of the woods for this injury just yet, and I’m going to take it easy.  But I’m definitely going to have a new mindset every time I lace up those running shoes.

You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone, but if it’s ever returned to you make sure you don’t ever take it for granted again!

About Leesa D

Wife and mom of two crazy little monkeys. Trying to take on life's everyday challenges with love, laughter and a lot of impromptu dance parties!
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