It’s All Uphill From Here

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I am normally a treadmill runner.  And not just a treadmill runner, but a 0% incline treadmill runner.  I run slowly on flat surfaces while catching up on my Netflix shows.  That’s just how I roll.  People try to tell me how fabulous it is to run outside and that running on the treadmill is boring.  But I like the distraction of the tv.  I like the constant pace.  But most of all, I like the flat surface.  Hills are not my friend.  Perhaps moving to Saskatchewan would change my mind about outdoor running.  I should look into that…

I was asked by a couple of friends to enter the Starbucks Run for Women which happened this past weekend.  When I first heard of it I was running often, had just completed my first 5k and was very confident that I could do the 10k by the time the race came around as it was about 2 1/2 months away. And then all my health issues happened…zero exercise for about 3 weeks and then very slowly I was able to start adding things.

I put off registering until about 2 1/2 weeks before the race. At that point I was just starting to really get back into running and had only run a total distance of 4K at a time.  So no, the 10k was just not happening.  Instead, I decided to try for a PR in the 5k.  So glad I made that decision!

After entering the race I decided to have a closer look at the course.  What’s that half way through? A hill.  Not just any hill.  A very big hill.  A hill that I later found out inspired the course to be called “Blood & Guts”.  Crap.  But thank goodness I went for 5k because if I had to decided to enter the 10k, like Rachel, it would not have been just one brutal hill but a series of brutal hills.  Yup, I made the right choice. 🙂

So I dug out my outdoor running shoes and begrudgingly decided to do some training in the great outdoors.  My first 5k outside was in the mountains while camping with the family.  Most hills I’ve ever run.  I was dying and almost gave up at 3k.  BUT, I pushed through, using this as my mantra the whole way:

Perhaps it was being in the mountains and having the gorgeous views, but after that run I realized that I do actually enjoy running outside! And I stopped being afraid of hills.  Ok, I did not say that I LIKE hills, just that I’m not afraid of them anymore. A few more runs through my neighborhood (which I always cursed because of the hills) and I felt ready for the race.  Well, as much as I was going to be in that amount of time. And for anyone that remembers how freaked out I was for my last race (check out Pre-Race Freak Out Time) you’ll be happy to know that there was none of that this time. Just excitement and anticipation for the race.

Race day came and the forecast called for rain. And rain it did.  Rachel, Nicole and I were ready with our rain jackets and then miraculously, the rain stopped about 5 minutes before the 10k started.  Hallelujah!

Nicole and I (and the 569 other 5kers) got ready to start running.  I was pumped, I was excited, I was ready with my new playlist…and we were off! It was a great race! I was loving the course, and then came the hill…dun dun dun.  I ended up walking it along with everyone else around me.  But even with the killer hill I still managed to pull off a PR! Woo hoo! I honestly thought I might pass out at the end, but I made it! 🙂

Yesterday they posted the photos taken from  I started laughing and immediately thought of this:

I MUST have been doing something right, cause boy, I sure didn’t look pretty!  Red face, nostrils flaring and I just plain looked like I was about to fall down.  All signs of a great race right?

Not only was I happy to have completed my second 5k but next came the 1k Run for Girls. My adorable 4 year old daughter decided that she wanted to race like Mommy so I registered her for the event. She was SO excited for her very first race!

She woke up first thing Saturday burst into my room with a big smile and said “Mommy! It’s race day!!”  Parents were allowed to race with their daughters but my independent little girl wanted to do it all her own.  So proud of her! And what did she say as soon as we got home from the race? “I didn’t get to run long enough.  Can we go for another run?”  Man, I love how excited she is for running. 

Great race, PR and watching my little girl finish her first race; the day couldn’t have gone better. Now I’m really looking forward to working on that 10k and sneaking in some family runs as well.  If my girl wants to run a little longer who am I to hold her back? 😉

Tell me: Do you like running on the treadmill or do you live to run outdoors? Is running a family sport for you?

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Wife and mom of two crazy little monkeys. Trying to take on life's everyday challenges with love, laughter and a lot of impromptu dance parties!
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2 Responses to It’s All Uphill From Here

  1. Mary Beth Loewen says:

    Love reading about your running. I know about hating hills. I drive about 2 km down the hill just so I can run on a flat spot (the fact that the flat spot is along the beach helps with the motivation too 🙂 Oh and I am a purely outdoor runner… although our really rainy spring has left me wishing for a treadmill so maybe that will change!

    • Leesa D says:

      Yes, I can see how running along a beach would be definite motivation to a) run outside and b) drive down the hill for it 🙂 I think my new found love for running outside also has something to do with it actually being light out when I go for an early morning run! Darkness, cold, snow…not very inviting. Bright, warm and dry…much better. Add a beach to that and I would probably sell my treadmill! 🙂 Glad you are enjoying the blog! Feels good to be back!

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