Hello New Program, Bye Bye Plateau

I’ve probably mentioned before that I can get bored pretty easily in my exercise and eating. I tend to use that as an excuse to just quit being healthy altogether.  Not cool.  I’ve worked really hard to get where I am and I do not want to go back to where I was, EVER.

So after I was having all my health issues I decided to shake things up a bit. I had reached a big plateau in my weight loss and was really starting to fall back into some old habits. I love clean eating and definitely won’t stray in my belief that it is the best and (in my opinion) only way to eat.  But even while eating clean you still have to watch that you don’t overeat and I was definitely overeating!

I love perusing Pinterest for new healthy recipe ideas and noticed that I was pinning a lot of delicious recipes from one particular website, DAMY Health.  So I decided to have a closer look at her website and came across Amy Layne’s Bikini Body Program.  I love that Amy is a firm believer in clean eating.  Her program is not about starving yourself.  It’s not some crazy fad diet cutting all carbs or requiring super low calories.  The program follows a very balanced diet. The exercise program changes every four weeks so you don’t get bored.  You check in with Amy every week to make sure things are on track and you have access to her as your personal coach/trainer via email 24/7.  I was hooked.

Of course my husband gave me a bit of an eye roll when I told him I was switching to another nutrition program. But once I explained that it was nothing strange and I would actually continue eating clean only just with proper portions etc. he was much more on board.

Well that was 10 weeks ago and I have to say that it was a GREAT decision to sign up.  I’m absolutely loving the program.  I’m eating fantastic.  I get to eat good, delicious, wholesome food. I’m never hungry.  I’m not counting calories at all, only watching my portions as laid out by Amy Layne and I find the program very easy to follow.  It definitely requires you to plan a little bit so that you are always armed with snacks and healthy meal options, but I find that the best way to eat no matter what program you are on.  Planning is key when making good nutrition choices.

I have also always wanted to lift weights at home but just had no clue where to start or what to do.  I love that Amy has it all laid out for me.  I love that exercise program is so well rounded and incorporates both my running and weight lifting.

So the results? I still have two weeks left of the program but here’s what I can tell you so far:

  • I am now below my pre-pregnancy weight from my daughter.  A weight I NEVER thought I would ever get down to again as I didn’t think it was manageable.
  • I am down another pant size.  I am now wearing a size I’ve never worn in my adult life.
  • I FEEL great.  No more feeling yucky from eating too much or not enough.
  • I have more energy.
  • I have more confidence.
  • My husband is pretty happy as well 😉

So what happens after my 12 weeks are done? Time to go back to bad habits? Absolutely not.  This IS my new lifestyle choice.  I really can’t see myself changing my way of eating anytime soon. I have no need or desire.  When you start giving your body the fuel it needs and realize how good you can actually feel, it makes it a lot easier to stick with the healthy choices.  I used to get terrible stomach pains and have other issues quite often that I just thought were a normal part of life.  Amazing how once I started eating properly they just went away. 🙂  Getting to the place I am right now has been a very long journey but I got here one step at a time.  It’s the little choices we make every day that lead to the really big results.

Tell me, what’s one small decision you are going to make this week towards a healthier life?


About Leesa D

Wife and mom of two crazy little monkeys. Trying to take on life's everyday challenges with love, laughter and a lot of impromptu dance parties!
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3 Responses to Hello New Program, Bye Bye Plateau

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  2. I love the DAMY recipes!!

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