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Half Marathon Plans in Motion

It’s official, there’s no turning back.  My goal has been set, my race has been chosen. I am now officially registered for the BMO Vancouver Half Marathon.  EEEKKKK!! I’m seriously sitting here all nervous and excited and just in shock … Continue reading

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Snowstorm of Doubts for Half Marathon Goals

I started running almost exactly a year ago. At that point I was strictly a treadmill runner, so I never had the pleasure of experiencing an outdoor winter run.  As winter approached (ok technically it’s still fall but when the … Continue reading

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Early Bird Catches the Worm

Being on my “I ❤BodyCombat" kick I was super pumped to go to another BodyCombat class last night. I was having another trying day listening to multiple temper tantrums from the kids and was really looking forward to the butt … Continue reading

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BodyCombat: A Non-Violent Way To Kick Some Booty

I’ll admit it, I’ve always kind of been a wimp. I’m a non-violent person. I’ve never been in a fight, which is actually kind of surprising considering how lippy I was (and sometimes still am). And even in my dreams … Continue reading

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Names Will Always Hurt Me

I recently read on a friend’s Facebook status about how she and her friend were a target of bullying due to their size. Now, being the girl who was overweight for most of her life and being the girl who … Continue reading

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Use It or Lose It

I was doing a little cleaning today. (For those of you that know me you can take the look of shock off you face now and keep reading). As I was saying, I was doing a little cleaning today and … Continue reading

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