Early Bird Catches the Worm

Being on my “I ❤BodyCombat" kick I was super pumped to go to another BodyCombat class last night. I was having another trying day listening to multiple temper tantrums from the kids and was really looking forward to the butt kicking action of the class. Plus, I had been practicing my jump kick and finally got it down without falling over, looking like a newborn baby giraffe trying to stand up or bursting out laughing at the thought of what I looked like. So I was pretty excited to practice this new skill in class.

After shaking my daughter off my leg ("No Mommy…don't go!" Way to lay on the guilt trip) I got to the gym in the nick of time, walked over to the studio room and to my surprise and disappointment…all classes were canceled. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! All of a sudden I was at the gym with no plan in place, no headphones and I just kind of felt like a sad and lost puppy.

Now, I go to this gym all the time. Anywhere from 3-5 times a week I am there working up a sweat. But being there at 7pm is MUCH different from being there at 5am. This gym was packed. Sometimes when I'm at the gym in the morning by 6am it starts getting a bit busy. And I'll admit, sometimes I kind of roll my eyes because a certain machine isn't there for me to use immediately. But what I didn't realize was that the 6am "rush" compared to the 7pm rush is kind of like comparing rush hour in Dawson Creek, BC (my home town) to rush hour in New York City. Not much of a comparison.

By George it’s a busy day! I must have seen three cars goin’ round the traffic circle at the same time!!

I went over to the free weight area and there wasn’t a bench to be had. All machines were being used. Even the mats were pretty packed. In the end I did the 20 minute circuit and some abs. And then I was so ready to get out of there. How do people work out like this?!

So this morning I woke up a 4:35 and got ready for my workout. I walked into the gym with a big smile. I worked out in peace. Hearing not the buzz of too many conversations or the clank of every machine. Not watching with eagle eyes for a machine to open up. No, this morning I was actually able to hear the music, walk around the gym freely, use every machine at will. And THAT is why I get up at crazy hours to get in my workout. From now on I think I will appreciate those morning workouts even more!

About Leesa D

Wife and mom of two crazy little monkeys. Trying to take on life's everyday challenges with love, laughter and a lot of impromptu dance parties!
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