Half Marathon Happenings

This post was going to be an update on my half marathon training progress. I was going to introduce my “Half Marathon Happenings” series (inspired by Pennies On The Run Marathon Musings series). I was going to tell you about how great my running has been going. How I continued my training all through Christmas holidays. How since my last update I’ve only missed one run because it was our travel day home from holidays. I was going to tell you how this last week my running has felt awesome. How I am finally confident that I can do this half marathon. This post WAS going to be about all that. And then I went to physio…

During Christmas holidays I started getting a severe pain in my left foot. Not a constant pain, but I had to be extremely careful when doing any kind of bending or flexing my foot. It was giving me the kind of pain that made me want to drop F Bombs at the top of my lungs. And I’m not an F Bomb dropper.

The pain wasn’t really effecting my running too much. During an 8k run I started noticing it a slight bit by about 6k but not enough to stop. It was mostly just during every day things that it would bug me. Things like leaning over to say goodnight to my babies would send me screaming down the hall instead of giving them nice calming goodnight kisses.

I finally got into physio this week. I was expecting to get a few exercises to work through the issues. What I wasn’t expecting were the words that came out of her month “No more running or weights”. I kind of laughed. “I’m training for a half marathon…” She gave me a sympathetic look and said it again. “No running and no weights.” The only thing allowed right now is biking and some BodyFlow classes at my gym. She also suggest water running, but no swimming. The pain is being caused by a pinched sciatic nerve. It could take four weeks possibly more until I can run again. Crap. As it sunk in I had to hold back the tears. This could not be happening. I’m in such a good place for my running. I’ve been training hard. I just booked my hotel for the half. I was super excited today after I finished my awesome run. She can’t take that away from me. But she did.

So I went home. Had a good cry. A nice little pity party. After some encouraging words from a few friends I pulled myself together. Seriously. She did not say I could never run again. She said I have some work to do. My training isn’t over. It’s just put on hold. Am I extra grateful that I decided to do the 6 month training program now instead of the 10 week one? Absolutely. I did it so I’d have some wiggle room. And now I’ll need it.

So what am I going to do? I’m going to get my butt to the gym and do some cycling. I’m going to overcome my fear of spin class and get in there and sweat my tush off. I’m going to continue foam rolling twice a day even though it brings me to tears sometimes. I’m going to go to physio twice a week, do some chiro, acupuncture and whatever else is deemed necessary so that I can still go to Vancouver and run this race. Don’t count me out just yet folks. It just means I’m going to have to work a bit harder. But didn’t I say I really like a good challenge? Challenge accepted.



About Leesa D

Wife and mom of two crazy little monkeys. Trying to take on life's everyday challenges with love, laughter and a lot of impromptu dance parties!
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9 Responses to Half Marathon Happenings

  1. That is the Leesa I know! I knew that this set back wouldn’t set you back for long. You have a wonderfully, positive attitude! I think the new training you are planning is going to be a great change and have you back and ready for running when you get the go ahead. You go, Girl!! So proud of you.

  2. I’ll do spin with you!!!

  3. Brittany says:

    Ugh I can only imagine how awful this news was. Thank goodness you have time to heal up!! Keep the cycling going to have strong cardio while you can’t run!!

    • Leesa D says:

      Thanks Brittany. I knew other runners would feel my pain the most πŸ™‚ My first spin class is tonight so hopefully it won’t cause me any pain. I’m actually pretty excited since I’ve always wanted to try a class but was too chicken. Thanks for the encouragement!

  4. Love this! I took Marathon Musings from another blogger who was training for Chicago. It’s such a great way to collect your thoughts on training etc. So sorry to hear about the injury though… that can be so frustrating!! A good cry can be a very good thing. You’ll be back at it before you know it!! Be good to your body πŸ™‚

    • Leesa D says:

      Looks like I was commenting on your blog while you were commenting on mine πŸ™‚
      Thanks for the support. I figured you could empathize with this post after reading yours. I’m going to do my best to do what I can to train without injuring myself more in the process. We need to take care of or bodies so we can run for the long term instead of being too focused on our short term goals! But I think I’m preaching to the choir with you πŸ™‚

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