Homemade Goldfish Crackers

Since it doesn’t happen very often, I thought I needed to tell you about my Supermom baking on Monday.  I love baking.  I love simple recipes.  So normally when I see something that looks a little complicated  it goes in the “maybe someday” file aka “will probably never happen but it sure looks pretty” file. But after seeing Chocolate Covered Katie‘s post for Healthy White Cheddar Vegan Goldfish Crackers (such a big name for a teeny little cracker), I just HAD to give them a try.

I used to buy a giant box of Goldfish crackers from Costco and my kids would go through them like nobody’s business.  But of course, since I’ve decided on a healthier route for my family, I have not bought any sketchy ingredient ultra salty crackers for quite some time.  I was buying the Annie’s crackers as I like their ingredient list much better, but now that Ayla is off wheat those are a no go as well. *sigh*

So back to my Supermom skills! Not only did I bake my very own fishy crackers, but I also made my very own cookie cutter!!  The original recipe says that you can cut out the fish shapes with a knife or use a fish shaped cookie cutter.  I didn’t have a cookie cutter and I did NOT want to spend that much time cutting out little fish shapes. So after reading through the comments on CCK‘s blog, I saw a link to this site which shows you how to make your own cookie cutters out of a tin can! I was so excited about this awesome idea.

Since I was already making chili in the crockpot that morning I simply grabbed one of the cans from the beans, cut a thin strip, shaped it into a fish and taped the end with some clear packing tape.  TA-DA! My very own teeny tiny fishy cracker cutter. For anyone that knows me this is even more amazing because a) I did something crafty and b) I didn’t injure myself in the process. Yeah me!

Goldfish cookie cutter

Isn’t this the cutest?!

After using my new little cracker cutter to cut out about 80 tiny little fishy shapes, I decided that was about enough.  I still wasn’t even sure if the kids would like these ultra cute but slight pain in the butt snacks so I decided to call it quits with the shapes.  So I rolled out the rest of the dough and cut it into squares with a pizza cutter.  MUCH easier. I popped them in the oven and here is the final product:


Izak was the first one to give them a try.  The verdict? “I don’t like them, Mommy.”  Boo! The onion powder is a bit strong in the crackers and I think he was not a fan of that flavour.  So I waited until Ayla came home, crossed my fingers and let her try them.  She loved them!! Woo hoo! They passed with flying colours and she asked for them every chance she got.  Since she is the one on a wheat free diet I was more concerned about her liking them than Izak anyway.  So this was a definite success.  My personal opinion? I thought they were a bit salty at first as I used the full amount of salt, but other then that they were great! I love crackers but again, being on a wheat free/clean diet, I don’t get to eat them often.  I loved being able to have this guilt free version.

White Cheddar Vegan Goldfish Crackers

I think I will be experimenting with a few different flavours the next time I try these crackers to see if I can make one more Izak friendly.  But I will definitely be making fishy crackers again.  How can I not, now that I have the most adorable little cookie cutter ever?! I’m dreaming about all the other little shapes I can make as well.  Perhaps cute little fruit snacks will have to be next on my list? Hmmm so many options.

What was your favourite snack as a kid?

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