Prayers for Boston

As my half marathon is quickly approaching I’ve been nervous, anxious, excited and a little bit giddy just thinking about accomplishing this goal. This morning I saw a few posts sending good wishes to those running the Boston Marathon. It made me smile and daydream a little about how amazing it must feel to qualify for this incredible race. To run with the elite runners. The dreams that would be fulfilled today! It made me giddy once again just knowing that I’m part of this community of runners. I’m not (and never will be) an elite runner, but I still feel that camaraderie with other runners. So I was cheering them on from afar.

And then I saw the headline that bombs had exploded at the finish line. And later that 3 were killed including an 8 year old boy. So many injured, limbs lost…my heart was sinking. I felt sick to my stomach.

This day that was supposed to be an amazing day. A day to celebrate achievements is now filled with tragedy. Filled with loss, suffering and questions of humanity.

Most days I stay away from the news. I hate seeing story after story of horrific acts. I hate seeing mankind fail to show any form of decency. I hate the thought of bringing my children up in a world where all hope seems lost. Today I felt a rush of those feelings, a deep pit in my stomach.

And then I saw this article and this article and this picture:


I was reminded that all hope isn’t lost. There is still good in the world even when it seems so flooded with evil. You can choose to hide in the darkness, to cower in fear of the unknowns or you can choose to stand up and be a light for a hurting world. There are still so many out there willing to fight for good. To stand up against the evil doers and fear mongers. In the end good will prevail. Look for the helpers, there are still so many caring people in this world.



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Wife and mom of two crazy little monkeys. Trying to take on life's everyday challenges with love, laughter and a lot of impromptu dance parties!
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