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BMO Vancouver Half Marathon Part 2: Race Day

21.1k.  Sometimes I need to say it out loud to remind myself how far I actually ran. I remember thinking 10k was an impossible goal and here I just ran 21.1. Wow.  The things the body is capable of when … Continue reading

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BMO Vancouver Half Marathon Recap Part 1: Pre-Race Prep

My journey to my first half marathon wasn’t exactly as I had planned. A few injuries took me out of training much longer than expected.  My emotions were all over the map.  There were quite a few times along the … Continue reading

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Half Marathon Happenings: To Run or Not to Run

…That WAS the question I had been having for the last two weeks.  It seems like I keep hitting obstacles in my half marathon training and it has been quite frustrating for me.  First my foot injury that took me … Continue reading

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Half Marathon Happenings: Week 1 & 2

I’m baaaaaack. Yes I know I’m a bad little blogger. I could probably win the Most Inconsistent Blogger of the Year award. (Not to be confused with the Most Incontinent Blogger of the Year). But I thought I might as … Continue reading

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I Would If I Could, But I Can’t So I…Quit?

This last week has been particularly trying for me.  I’m frustrated.  I’m frustrated that my body isn’t working the way it should.   I’m paying an arm and a leg in treatments between physio, chiro and acupunture and I don’t … Continue reading

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Half Marathon Happenings

This post was going to be an update on my half marathon training progress. I was going to introduce my “Half Marathon Happenings” series (inspired by Pennies On The Run Marathon Musings series). I was going to tell you about … Continue reading

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How To Sneak In Exercise Over The Holidays Without Missing Any Fun

It’s Christmas time! Time for a break.  Time to relax with the family, share in the holiday goodies, drink a few too many eggnogs and wake up in January with a stomach big enough to audition for the part of … Continue reading

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