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Reading Between the Lines in the Underappreciated Role of Mom

Do you ever feel underappreciated as a mom?  Oh who am I kidding, if you’re a mom, of course you’ve felt this way. Sometimes it seems we pour out our heart and soul into these little beings and all we … Continue reading

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What Would Life Be Without Music?

No matter the state of my life or emotions music is the one constant.  Whether I’m in a dark and depressed state or I’m on top of the world, I can always find a song to match. I’ve been having … Continue reading

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Songs To Keep Me Moving

I have a few tried and true songs on my running playlist that I think will keep a permanent spot. But it’s always good to add a few surprises and new music for my race days. Since I just did … Continue reading

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My Answers to the Pre Race Freak Out Questions

In my Pre Race Freak Out Time post I raised some complete newbie extremely important questions and thought you might want to know how I answered them! While I am definitely not claiming that these are the RIGHT answers to … Continue reading

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Losing 60 Seconds of Happiness

It’s been a rough week.  I’ve tried to stay calm, smile and just not let things get to me, but this week it just didn’t happen for me.  My adorable little Mogwai turned into Gremlins and I finally lost it.  … Continue reading

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